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How to Prepare for Retirement if You are in Your 20s

Your 20s might be filled with fun and excitement. And, there’s nothing wrong with that. But, even at this age, you might want to think of your future specifically, your retirement. 

While you are young and have a lot of spare time, you can start building your financial future. This will save you from a ton of stress when you get older. Below are specific ways on how, even today, you can start preparing for retirement.

  1. Save now

The expenses involved while being in your 20s include paying off student loans, covering your rent, and spending for your everyday needs and wants. These should not discourage you to put off saving. 

You should start saving in your 20s because this is the moment in your life when you are not yet paying off bigger and more significant investments in your middle- to late adulthood, such as mortgages and family support.

  1. If you can, sign up for 401(k) at work

401(k) plan is a pension account sponsored by the employer where you will have a defined contribution. Here, the employee funding comes directly from your paycheck. This amount will then be matched by your employer.

Take note that not all employees may be qualified to sign up for a 401 (k). It is best if you consult your employer if you qualify for the given criteria. If in case you do not qualify, you might have to look for alternative options where you can similarly deposit monthly contributions. 

  1. Try to be aggressive in investing

Invest your money in stocks and cryptocurrency. Both stocks and cryptocurrency are volatile in the short term, but they can give you a profitable return in the long run. Starting young means you can learn the tricks of the investing trade. 

Be aggressive in investing because this is the time when stakes are relatively not too high. Later in your life, investing aggressively can be risky if you have a house to pay for and a family to support. As you get older, you can move your assets from being unstable to a less volatile venture.

  1. Create an emergency fund

When times get tough, you might tap into your retirement savings when you feel that it is the only option. You can get taxed more when you withdraw from your retirement account very early. To prevent yourself from touching your retirement fund, you should set up an emergency fund for unexpected expenses.

  1. Consult advisers

Being in your 20s, it is understandable that you do not have sufficient knowledge about building your retirement plan. If you are not yet confident to make any financial decisions, you can consult a professional who can guide you.

These financial advisers will help you determine the type of investment you must do. They will also help you sort your finances in such a way that you can afford to start saving for retirement. Hire an advisor who have years of experience so they can guide you through the process of saving.