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5 Investment Opportunities Brought About by COVID-19

COVID-19 has made a negative impact on the lives of everyone. Aside from losing the lives of many members of our communities, we have also lost countless economic opportunities. But, this does not mean that every investment opportunity is lost. There are certain sectors that will grow exponentially because of this pandemic. 

If you are thinking of investing, pay attention to these industries because they have lots of potentials. If you invest in them, you will likely yield big returns.

Health and medicine

The pandemic made unprecedented advancements in medical technology. For example, we achieved innovations in vaccines and telehealth. Scientists and researchers developed the COVID-19 vaccines lightning-fast compared to previous types of vaccines which took several years to develop.

The field of telehealth also improved because of the pandemic. Because of the contagious nature of the COVID-19 disease, the government advises everyone to stay at home as much as possible. Remote consultation with medical professionals has been improved, so people with milder cases do not have to go outside and possibly infect other people. Investing in health and medicine is the future during and after COVID.

Digital technology

Technology advances at a very fast rate. Much more so when the pandemic and quarantines happened. Because we have been forced to work and function while living in isolation, digital technology has been used greatly.

For example, Zoom, a software program for video conferencing, has become a standard part of our daily lives. We use it to go on meetings with colleagues, friends, and family. Its basic functionalities are just a start. Third-party providers can improve on the platform, for example, by plugging in a real-time transcription program. These are the companies that are ripe for success, and you should invest early for higher returns.

AI and automation

With the rise of digital communication comes the need for new software for better and more innovative artificial intelligence and automation technologies. Many tech companies invest in machine learning and AI, and they have made significant strides towards making this a reality.

The pandemic has made on-site or in-office work difficult. AI and automation can be the solution so our economies can still run smoothly during the new normal.

Local businesses and companies

COVID-19 has shown us the importance of working with local business owners and suppliers. Now that our exports and global trades have posed health risks, our economies heavily rely on local manufacturers and producers.

It is safer to bet on your companies and corporations that aim to localize their business instead of trying to go global. Though these businesses are smaller, their design is more apt with the current conditions we have.

Digital entertainment

Lockdowns and quarantines have made home and digital entertainment bigger than they were in previous years. Companies like Netflix, Disney+, Riot Games, and many more are profiting from the need of people to enjoy staying at home. 

As an investor, it is wise to invest in entertainment companies that are into the digital platform instead of the traditional ones. This is a trend that has been happening even before COVID-19 but will likely grow exponentially in the next few years.